EP Rent Help Still Accepting Applications

Posted By: Scott Lynch Community,

EL PASO, Texas — Did you miss September’s rent because of financial problems brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic? Tenants can now visit EPRentHelp.org to tell their landlord about rental assistance which is available from the EP Rent Help Program.

To begin, visit EPRentHelp.org and click on the purple “I am a tenant” button on the homepage.

Once you fill out the form linked on the site, the Paso del Norte Community Foundation and its partners will reach out to your landlord on your behalf. Once they verify your landlord’s eligibility and willingness to participate, you’ll need to provide some information to your landlord. If you qualify for rental assistance, the payment will go directly to your landlord on your behalf.

“While this program requires close cooperation between landlords and tenants, we’re hopeful this more tenant-centric approach will demonstrate to landlords how important this program is to providing financial stability for El Paso families impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Tracy Yellen, CEO of the Paso del Norte Community Foundation.

Eligible tenants may qualify for up to three months of assistance dating back to March 2020. To see if your landlord is already participating, visit EPRentHelp.org and click on the Participation Directory.

This program is funded by the federal CARES Act and is administered by the Paso del Norte Community Foundation and Under One Roof, the charitable foundation of the El Paso Apartment Association.

 Important Facts About the EP Rent Help Program


  • The EP Rent Help Program has already committed more than $3 million in federal CARES Act funding to landlords within the City of El Paso.
  • Landlords must apply on behalf of their tenants to receive assistance.
  • Tenants will be required to provide information to their landlords to complete the application.
  • We will not ask your immigration status nor will it be used in making decisions about who receives funding awards.


For more information, visit EPRentHelp.org.