The purpose of the El Paso Apartment Association, (EPAA), Annual Trade show is to provide a forum for EPAA members to display their business products and services to all other EPAA members in a professional, courteous and congenial environment. 


SERVICES TRADE SHOW El Paso Apartment Association


All monies from contracts must be PAID IN FULL by February 21, 2022. If contract is not paid in FULL by February 21, 2022, deposits paid shall be retained by the El Paso Apartment Association, (EPAA), as liquidated damages and the space shall revert to the EPAA.

Cancellation of booth space by exhibitor on or after February 21, 2022 will cost the exhibitor full charge of booth(s). Cancellation before February 21, 2022, will result in half charge of booth(s), CANCELLATION MUST BE IN WRITING TO THE EPAA OFFICE. Any booths available for sale after February 21, 2022 must be paid in full by cashier’s check, money order or credit card at time of reservation. 


Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold EPAA harmless by reason of any claim or liabilities imposed by law on account of property damage or bodily injuries including death resulting from, sustained or alleged to be sustained 

by any person or persons whether they be members of the public visiting the show, employees of EPAA or other exhibitors, occurring at or connected with the preparation or presentation of the show resulting from the sole or contributory negligence of exhibitor, its agents, employees or persons performing services for it. Exhibitor agrees to pay any and all attorney’s fees of EPAA arising out of any above claim or liability.


The EPAA reserves the right to decline any exhibit, exhibitor, or proposed exhibit which in its opinion is not suitable for this exhibition. This reservation concerns persons, things, conduct, printed matter, souvenirs, catalogs and all other things which affect the character of the exhibition. EXHIBITORS ONLY have the right to distribute catalogs, souvenirs, and all other matter, from the space occupied by them only. 


The EPAA will not be responsible for any injury that may arise to exhibitors or their employees, or for loss or damage to materials by reason of fire, accident, theft or any other cause. IF INSURANCE IS DESIRED, IT MUST BE OBTAINED BY THE INDIVIDUAL EXHIBITOR. 


The show decorator will provide each exhibitor with a standard booth set-up of a 6ft table. Please contact EPAA staff to specify any modifications.


In exchange for payment in full for the booth(s) contracted by the exhibitor, EPAA will provide the following for each booth: 6ft standard table. *Please Note: No furnishings, (i.e. chairs, tables, etc.) will be provided by EPAA. Exhibitor may provide own furnishings or obtain from contracted Show Decorator.  Time periods and time deadlines for moving in and moving out of exhibit areas shall be determined by the EPAA staff and all exhibitors shall be given adequate notice thereof. LOUD SPEAKERS 

The EPAA reserves the right to regulate the volume on any and all loud speakers, radios and/or television sets or musical instruments during the exhibit hours. Animals, bands or musicians will be allowed only with written 

consent of the Association Executive


Under NO circumstances shall helium balloons be sold, given away or used for decorations in Doubletree by Hilton Hotel. Exhibitors may use “air-filled” balloons for decoration purposes only, as long as the balloons are anchored to each other and/or the booth structure. In addition, the exhibitor is responsible for the removal of balloons after the show. 


Vehicles are permitted in Doubletree by Hilton Hotel, on a controlled basis, for the purpose of loading and unloading ONLY. Under NO circumstances may vehicles remain parked in the exhibit halls unless they are an integral part of the display. Display vehicles must conform to State and City fire codes. 


No animals shall be brought into Doubletree by Hilton Hotel unless they are an integral part of the show. The landlord reserves the right at any time to require tenant to remove an animal from the premises. In addition, 

the use of animals during show hours must be approved by EPAA staff at least seven (7) days prior to the show date. 


Exhibitors cannot sublet, assign, or apportion the whole or any part of the exhibit space without the written consent of EPAA.

The EPAA reserves the right in the event of a national disaster or emergency to cancel the exposition or for any other reason upon reasonable notification. In such event, EPAA shall be liable only for refund of monies collected from exhibitors and no more. 

The EPAA reserves the right to make reasonable changes in the foregoing rules, exhibit hours and move in/out arrangements so long as such changes have been approved by the EPAA staff. Exhibitors can distributeiterature from booth(s) and man the booth(s) with personnel of their choice limited to three (3) persons at a time per 10' booth. Exhibitors may not enter the booths of other exhibitors without invitation; no exhibitor may call or invite a visitor out of one exhibit space and into their own. Exhibitors must remain within their own exhibit space while distributing literature, product samples or other materials. Aisles may not be used for any business solicitation purpose. 

EPAA reserves the right to adjust booth assignments or to relocate exhibitor’s booth space to accommodate show size and location.