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Crude Intelligence Group

Crude Intelligence Group

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Company Overview

Crude Intelligence Group (CIG) is a research-based firm that focuses on delivering quality intelligence to our clients. Understanding regulatory compliance, its impact on your business and operations, and conducting lengthy and time-consuming research, has never been more complex. CIG makes it simple, empowering our clients by providing the necessary tools to navigate unexpected roadblocks. We deliver simplified legislative, regulatory, corporate and small business intelligence, and as needed information in an accurate and timely manner.

Our team leverages their experience and vast network of contacts to save your team time and allow your organization to focus on your mission. CIG’s specialized services provide a one-stop-shop for research and ensures drastic reduction of costs while maintaining a high level of efficiency. We go above and beyond the call, offering our clients personalized, expert research results when they need it, acknowledging project scopes and timelines.
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